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Cherico mug and Cherico natural instant pot

Another cup is possible

Gentle, natural & local

Cherico mug coffeeshop environment

0% caffeine

For relaxing breaks

Our favorite spots

Our favorite spots

Coffee shops, grocery stores, restaurants... discover us in their homes!

New-generation chicory

In 2023, we're embarking on the crazy adventure of becoming a chicory micro-trefactor, convinced that this plant has everything it takes to (re)become the drink of the future!

Picto C cherico
Super food
Picto C cherico
Better for the planet
Picto C cherico
Unparalleled taste

Our mission

A Chicorian revolution

Help you discover or rediscover chicory, but not just any chicory: specialty organic chicory, grown with love, roasted with mastery. The taste that's been missing from your coffee breaks... ?

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